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Title:Relay Outreach Coordinator
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Job Description - Outreach Coordinator
Please review the job description
* Position summary:  Responsible for coordinating and implementing outreach activities designed to promote Telecommunication Relay Services and Captioned Telephone Relay Services. Requires significant travel.

Essential functions:
• Provides education and guidance to residential, commercial, instructional, and public sectors within the community about relay services.
• Works closely with the regulatory body and the telecommunications equipment distribution programs and conducts joint outreach activities throughout the year.
• Develops annual outreach plan designed to promote relay services.
• Plans and implements innovative outreach activities that support the annual outreach plan.
• Facilitates awareness and stimulates involvement in targeted communities (Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind, individuals who have difficulty speaking, senior citizens, and Spanish speaking individuals) to increase the awareness of relay services.
• Coordinates and conducts demonstrations, presentations, exhibits, and training programs regarding relay services for prospective customers including businesses, agencies, and organizations.
• Gathers and shares customer feedback with Hamilton Relay management with the goal of improving products and the effectiveness of the services offered.  
• Promotes Hamilton programs and campaigns through participation in local, regional and national events, conferences, association meetings, and B2B (business-to-business) field visits.
• Participates in outreach meetings, advisory council meetings, outreach activities and marketing summits.
• Implements and monitors programs/projects as directed by management, and sees the programs/projects through to completion.

Other responsibilities:
• Travel is significant in this position.
• Stays abreast of technological changes occurring in the relay industry.
• Stresses quality in all work situations.
• Ability and willingness to work non-standard hours as needed, including evenings and weekends.
• Performs other work-related duties as assigned.

Preferred education, experience, and skills:
Education and Experience:

• Bachelor’s degree and two or more years of experience in the design and implementation of public outreach, public relations, or related marketing experience are required.

• Experience in the telecommunications field, Telecommunications Relay Service or Captioned Telephone Service is a strong plus.

• Excellent presentation skills.
• Experience in public relations activities.
• Excellent English writing skills.
• Knowledge of software such as CRM programs, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Power Point.
• Ability to develop effective outreach and educational campaigns.
• Ability to confidently communicate (oral and written) with a wide variety of audiences.
• Ability to plan, schedule, organize and execute multiple projects.
• Ability to understand and follow directions.
• Capacity to develop and maintain effective working relationships with the regulatory body, organizations within the public, private, and non-profit sectors.
• Knowledge of and ability to understand various communication modes used by current and potential relay users.
• Familiarity with the communities that could benefit from services Hamilton offers:
o Hard of Hearing Community
o Senior Community
o People with Speech Difficulties
o Deaf Community
o DeafBlind Community
o Spanish Speaking Community
• Ability to communicate fluently through the use of American Sign Language (recommended).

I have read the above job description and understand the job requirements.
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